Date:          Monday, January 27, 2020
Time:         10 am – 5 pm
Fee:            $150 per attendee (Covers Lunch, Snacks and All Class Supplies)
Location:   M Resort – Meeting Room TBD


INFLATE YOUR BALLOON BUSINESS will provide invaluable information, ideas & hands on techniques that you can quickly implement in your store(s). This class is presented by our own PFA Member, Monica Maini (NV10 Party USA), with 20 years of party business experience. Monica has participated in several balloon courses and wants to share this vital information & knowledge with our PFA members. This class is valued at $400, so it’s a steal at $150 (which covers the cost of lunch, snacks & supplies), and it’s presented by someone who is “in your shoes”. This class will cover:

  • Easy Air-Filled Ideas
    • o Balloon Garlands
    • o Balloon Hoops
    • o Marquee Bouquets (Level 1) – Simple 2-3 mylar arrangements
    • o Easy Column/Bouquet
  • Event Balloon Décor
    • o Organic Wall
    • o Organic Arch/Themed Structure
    • o Rainbow (Quick Link & Duplet method)
    • o Marquee Bouquets (Larger Scale)
    • o A few surprise…
  • Pricing & Social Media Engagement
    • o Cost sheets with suggested retails
    • o Best practices for taking social media photos
    • o How to make your store feel like a “PARTY” is happening
    • o How to get those phones calls for items posted online


Class size is limited to 20 participants to ensure everyone gets the entire hands-on experience and knowledge that will be shared. Sign up and payment is required to attend. No walk ins. Fee is $150 per participant and will include lunch and a snack break. To register, select the number of attendees in your group and click the Pay Now button.


Here’s a bit about Monica, in her own words:

“This year I can say I am celebrating being in the party business for 20 years!  In 2017, I decided to create a Party Trends group on FB with the hopes that it would become a learning tool for fellow party store owners and to get us motivated to do better. As well as to learn from one another to keep the momentum of the PFA conference all year long.

Last year, I made it my goal to bring more customers into our stores for balloons, something that they cannot get shipped through Amazon (well at least inflated), and the helium shortage motivated me, even more, to learn and make these happen.

So, I started to learn all about Instagram and found two remarkable accounts and started following them. By watching/stocking their accounts/stories for any tips, I began discovering new techniques that for someone in the Party business for that long, had me with a few jaw-dropping moments; YouTube became my new best friend.

In May, one of these accounts was having a Balloon Class in California, so I decided to sign up. In that one-day class, I learned tips that help expand our Balloon Business. During that class, we focused on Balloon Walls and Organic Decor. I was able to come back to our stores and trained all 3 of my managers to be able to go out and execute the decor like a professional.

In November, I will be flying out for a 3-day intensive Balloon Class with the Queens of Instagram in terms of Balloons. Their Balloon Bouquets are well known over the world. With over 400K followers on Instagram, their work is well known. I am incredibly excited to get to learn from these girls and bring back what I learned and share it with all our PFA members.”



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